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Lawyers are writers. They finesse language to persuade, to dispute, to identify potential problems. They use language to synthesize complex issues into clear, coherent, and focused solutions. But they often stumble when writing marketing content. Their language falls flat. It tells a story, but not necessarily the one they want to communicate.

That’s where The Godard Group comes in. For nearly 30 years, Lance Godard has worked with lawyers and firms to craft, enhance, refine, and perfect content that articulates value, content that engages readers, content that helps them expand their client base and grow their business. He can help you do the same.

Content + Communications

Communication skills are as critical to success as the ability to argue a lawsuit or draft a contract or file a patent.

Planning + Strategy

There’s no excuse for neglecting one of the essential elements of marketing and branding success: an achieveable plan.

Social + Digital Media

Lawyers have more online tools than ever to market their practices and sell their services. Ironically, that makes success even harder.

Lance brings to the table a combination of editorial savviness and years of experience in law firm business development. This is a powerful mix of skill and talent for anyone looking to grow business in the Digital Age, in which what you know and how you communicate it makes all the difference.

Adrian Lurssen

Co-founder and VP of Strategic Development, JD Supra

Lance is a strategic thinker, with an in-depth understanding of how your message and your firm’s message should resonate with your clients. His professionalism, depth of experience, and drive comes from decades of working with lawyers and clients to achieve their professional goals.

Lindsay Griffiths

Director of Global Relationship Management, International Lawyers Network

Lance is a knowledgeable, resourceful, and passionate professional. A visionary and strategist, he’s got the skills to help any firm better communicate their message, market their lawyers, and achieve their business and financial goals.

Mark Elliott

Director of Business Development & Human Resources, Eastman & Smith Ltd

I’ve worked with Lance for several years on my personal marketing strategy and in helping to generate new work. Lance has a knack for speaking to non-lawyers that helps potential clients understand what we do and why it’s important. He’s a bright mind with very creative ideas about how to generate the work that I want and to separate myself from the crowd. He’s also a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Lance!

John Harrison

Attorney, Hickman & Lowder

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