Globalization means different things to different firms. For some, it’s opening an office in China. For others, it’s expanding their client base to include non-US companies with business operations in the United States. For still others, it’s helping US clients navigate their own globalization. But before all that, it means evaluating opportunities, assessing costs, and making informed decisions about what international expansion means to their firm, to their practice, and to their clients. That’s where we can help.

Our broad experience supporting the global expansion efforts of an AmLaw 10 firm, including coordinating global and regional strategic planning efforts, analyzing office and practice expansion initiatives in Asia, Europe and the United States, and managing office openings and mergers across the globe, has given us a unique perspective into the process of making informed decisions regarding the internationalization of a law practice. Let us bring our on-the-ground experience and nuanced understanding of managing law firms across diverse business cultures to bear as you evaluate the costs and benefits of internationalizing your practice. We can help you:

  • Evaluate market conditions, competitive environment, internal pressures, external opportunities, and other key factors that drive the decision to expand your practice outside the United States
  • Understand key risks and how to properly mitigate them, while avoiding common mistakes that can negatively impact the success of  your expansion
  • Focus your analysis on the most meaningful criteria to ensure that your decision is based on measurable and realistic assumptions
  • Assess challenges, define objectives and establish expectations of expanding your practice into new and unfamiliar environments
  • Analyze existing international practices, foreign offices, and other cross-border efforts to identify weaknesses and develop practical solutions for increasing revenue, improving integration, and enhancing practice strengths
  • Work with existing offices around the world to assess global client needs, connect them with your firm’s strengths, and develop the implementation plans that you need to accomplish your strategic and financial objectives
  • Develop and implement marketing and communications plans that align firm messages and objectives with practical and regulatory marketing requirements of local offices and practices
  • Establish new offices, from A to Z: work with local real estate agents to find appropriate office space, manage build-out of office space, coordinate lawyer and staff recruitment, select and negotiate with local vendors, lead integration of lawyers and staff, facilitate communications and resolve conflicts between global headquarters and local leaders
  • Function as local, on-the-ground, support staff on a broad range of business and management issues, including recruiting and integration, financial and performance measurement, billing and collections systems, and staff and lawyer training