The legal marketing landscape has never been more vibrant. From the traditional methods of newsletters and presentations to the latest social media and social networking tools for engaging your clients, potential clients and other decision-makers, lawyers have more channels than ever to tell their stories and communicate their strengths, skills and experience. Without clear focused communications and a comprehensive strategy, however, lawyers can quickly find their voices lost in the noise, unable to reach their intended audience, to engage them, and to establish the meaningful conversations that lead to representation.

We can help you define a marketing and communications strategy that fits your business objectives and your schedule, implement your marketing plan across the channels that your audience uses, and craft the stories that will interest and engage the people you want to reach. Let us bring our experience helping lawyers tell their stories and successfully grow their practices to help you:

  • Craft your stories across the broad spectrum of collateral you use, including websites, biographies, newsletters, press releases, legal weblogs, talking points, client pitches and proposals, presentations, and articles
  • Develop and refine a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy that articulates your goals and objectives across the broad spectrum of traditional and new media, translates that strategy into realistic and achievable actions, and measures the effectiveness of your communications in today‚Äôs rapidly evolving environment
  • Develop a marketing and communications budget in line with your strategic and financial objectives, and help you put systems into place to monitor expenses, gauge results, and understand the return on your investment
  • Understand how to optimize your social media and social networking strategy, and begin blogging and micro-blogging, networking, and engaging influencers and decision-makers that will help you achieve your business and financial objectives
  • Analyze and monitor your online presence, identify what your clients and other influencers are saying about you, and develop appropriate responses for raising visibility, changing perception and, if required, correcting misinformation via the full range of today’s tools