Your existing client base provides the most obvious foundation for and – at many levels – the easiest access to increasing revenues. You know that. But getting it right is difficult: it’s challenging to analyze realistically and objectively the future opportunities each current client may offer, let alone develop comprehensive business plans for realizing those opportunities.

Time and time again we have seen lawyers develop business development and targeting plans that provide no meaningful additional information, value or revenue potential, but instead confirm each and every assumption they had going in. We can help you break that cycle, identify true client opportunities, and develop the comprehensive programs for turning those probabilities into the increased revenues you need to succeed. Let us bring our external perspective, proven methodology, and experience of nearly 20 years in an AmLaw 10 firm, to help you:

  • Develop and implement strategic and business development plans that produce concrete results for your offices, regions, and practices, including identifying specific business development and marketing activities that will help you and your lawyers realize those opportunities
  • Analyze your key client relationships to identify opportunities for expanding representation
  • Develop an appropriate and meaningful budget to support your business development activities, and establish a system for monitoring expenses and gauging results
  • Analyze market dynamics, competitive and regulatory environments and economic conditions to develop an honest and realistic assessment of growth opportunities
  • Meet all your business development and marketing needs, including managing cross-selling initiatives, responding to RFPs, and developing proposal and presentation collateral
  • Structure client service teams and industry groups that bring together the right lawyers from your firm armed with the competitive intelligence they need to build valuable and lasting client relationships