Whether you’re a solo practitioner or part of a global law firm, your day does not end when the client work is completed. Running a law practice is running a business, requiring significant efforts: planning, to define your objectives and identify the realistic and achievable steps your need to take to meet them; execution, to focus your time and money on the activities that will bring you closer to your goals; and evaluation, to assess progress and modify both plans and action accordingly.

We can provide insight, discipline and the experience gained from providing business critical solutions to a global law firm as you establish and grow your practice. Let us work with you to articulate your business and financial objectives, to draw up your strategic road map, and to provide the full range of administrative assistance and operational support you require. We can help you:

  • Develop client-driven strategic and implementation plans with realistic, achievable, and measurable goals that match your strengths with opportunities defined in terms of probabilities, not possibilities
  • Analyze financial performance and profitability, implement procedures and controls to improve practices and profitability, and identify ways you can use your financial practices to obtain distinct competitive advantages
  • Identify your administrative needs across a range of staffing, resource requirements, recruiting, technology, operations and other business critical issues, prepare realistic budgets for resolving those needs, and provide any administrative support you may need to run your business
  • Take your firm and practice global, whether you are establishing international offices, expanding your international portfolio, or integrating geographically diverse lawyers and practices to create greater synergies, client opportunities and financial results