Social + Digital Media

Cut through the noise

Blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook: lawyers today have a wide range of social and digital media tools to market their practices and sell their services. Ironically, it’s harder than ever to do so successfully.

At The Godard Group, we work with lawyers and firms to develop and optimize strategies that will lead to social and digital marketing success. We help them identify and engage clients, potential clients, influencers and decision-makers. We guide them to set meaningful and achievable goals for their online activities. We collaborate with them to execute on targeted plans that will get their messages in front of their targets. In addition, we analyze and monitor their online presence, what their clients and other influencers are saying about them, and develop appropriate responses for raising visibility, changing perception and, if required, correcting misinformation.

  • LinkedIn / Twitter / Facebook
  • Branding & Reputation Management
  • Strategy
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Management
  • Content Integration